Smith Creek Music



Sing and Be Glad

Index of First Lines:

Arise, Shine Out, Your Light Has Come (Wren)
By Gracious Powers (Bonhoeffer/Green)
Come, Let Us Welcome (Wren)
Dear Mother God (Wren)
Feast of Love (Mullins)
For the Goodness of Our Bodies (Duck)
Glory to God in the Highest (ELLC)
God of Queer, Transgressive Spaces (Moran)
Goodness Is Stronger Than Evil (Tutu)
Great Love, Your Loveliness Is Signed (Wren)
Help Us Accept Each other (Kaan)
Holy, Holy, Holy (ELLC)
Hope of the world (Harkness)
In Christ We Live (Wren)
Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us (ELLC)
Lord, Thy Word Abideth (Baker)
Lord, We Come to Ask your Blessing (Green)
Love Makes a Bridge (Wren)
Now Thank We All Our God (Rinkart/Winkworth)
Of the Multitude of Words (Wallace)
O God the Great All-seeing Eye (Wallace)
O God, We Bear the Imprint of Your Face (Murray)
O Lamb of God (ELLC)
Sacred the Body God Has Created (Duck)
Sing and Be Glad (Landes)
Star-Child (Murray)
The Church of Christ In Every Age (Green)
We Limit Not the Truth of God (Rawson)
When Heaven’s Voice Was Still (Troeger)
When Illness Meets Denial and Rejection (Wren)
When Jesus Summoned Lazarus (Landes)
When Love Is Found (Wren)
When Our Confidence is Shaken (Green)
When Our Lives Know Sudden Shadow (Murray)
Who Is My Mother (Murray)
Within the Manger of Our Minds (Wallace)

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