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Louis (Loys) Bourgeois
(1510 - 1561 )

Louis Bourgeois was a Huguenot composer who wrote, compiled, and edited many melodic settings of Psalms in the Genevan Psalter. Little is known of Bourgeois' early life. He moved to Geneva in 1541 and lived there until 1557, when he returned to Paris. He was a friend of John Calvin and lived with him from 1545 to 1557. At one point, he was put in jail for one day for modifying some well-known tunes. Tunes by Boourgeois which appear in modern hymnals include:

DONNE SECOUR ("Hope of the world")
OLD 100TH ("All people that on earth do dwell"; "Praise God from whom all blessings flow")
RENDEZ À DIEU ("Father, we thank you"; "New songs of celebration render")

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