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Coauthored by Daniel Landes and Mark Putnam, The Electronic Encyclopedia of Hymnology (EEOH) is the first complete CD-ROM reference product of its kind. An elegant inteface for both IBM PC and Macintosh allows any user to search the vast database of over 9000 hymn texts and 5000 tunes from 15 current and historic hymnals. In addition, the user can search for 'strings' of notes in any of the tunes indexed -- a perfect solution for finding the names of tunes for which the user only knows the melody. Also, listen to sound samples of the tunes, review thousands of scholarly articles on the history of hymns, plan worship using a modern annotated Lectionary, and browse through a comprehensive list of other resources including an emmense bibliography, links to to the World Wide Web and indexes to The Hymn (journal of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada).

Macintosh and PC versions available on one CD-ROM.

MusicBase Software

MusicBase is a database which includes 1500 hymns from 5 current hymnals, including: The Baptist Hymnal, 1991; Baptist Hymnal, 1975; Baptist Hymnal, 1956 Edition Hymnal for Worship and Celebration (Word Music) Hymns for the Family of God (Paragon) Worship His Majesty (Gaither). Find hymns by topic, scripture, text, composer, author, meter, key, etc. PC version only.


HymnQuest is a CD-ROM developed by The Pratt Green Trust, a charity devoted to the advancement of hymnody and music in worship. The CD-ROM contains over 25,300 first lines and choruses, the full text of more than 15,100 hymns and songs from some 296 hymn books and publications. The opening bars of over 12,100 melodies can be both viewed and heard, and the indexes list tune names and metres; biblical, thematic, liturgical and seasonal references, as well as information and pictures of authors, composers and translators. It is even possible to search for tunes by playing the opening notes on a Virtual Keyboard. PC version only.

HymnSys [No longer available.]

Steve Green's MIDI Hymnal

Contains the full text of more than 3,000 traditional hymns with complete 4-part MIDI files for each hymn. All hymns can be viewed in the Logos Library System format. The Spiritual Lives of Great Composers, 101 Hymn Stories, 101 More Hymn Stories, Amazing Grace: 366 Inspiring Hymn Stories for Daily Devotions, and the complete text of the King James Version Bible. PC version only.

Hymnastics! v1.02

Gilead Software. Hymnastics is a tool for finding or studying hymns. It provides easy access to topical references, composers, Bible references, alternate titles, unusual phrases, and more. Useful for selecting songs, illustrating lessons, connecting Biblical themes, researching hymnals, maintaining records of public worship, and improving congregational enthusiasm. Hymnastics includes references to 11 hymnals and songbooks with over 2200 hymns. PC version only.

Check out this link: Christian Computer Concepts, Inc. [a convenient source for software, hardware, etc., appropriate for the Christian Music Ministry].

Check out WorshipMusic.com [a site devoted to praise and worship music]. They have a link with some interesting software. Of particular interest will be:

Integrity Music software (Celebration Hymnal)

Maranatha Music software

Word Music software (Hymns for Praise and Worship)

Check out their MIDI page.

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