Southern Gospel Hymnody

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'Southern Gospel' is a term referring to a style of music most closely associated with collections of gospel hymns published by the Stamps/Baxter Publishing Co. and the 'quartet' singing style of such professional groups as:

The Speer Family
The Blackwood Brothers Quartet
The Happy Goodmans
Bill & Gloria Gaither

A. J. Showalter

Artilces on Gospel Music in Academic Journals (arranged by year)

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Some Interesting Sites
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Singers Glen, VA (the "birthplace" of Southern gospel music)

Southern Gospel Music Association

Southern Gospel Music Online

Southern Gospel Online Music Resource

Southern Gospel Music Guild

The Stamps/Baxter School of Music

Ben Speer's Stamps Baxter School of Music page

J. R. Baxter

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Music Achievers (Bios of MANY people associated with Southern Gospel. From the Alabama Music Hall of Fame)

Gospel Music (Article on 'Gospel Music' from the Handbook of Texas Online. Here, 'Gospel Music' is defined strictly in the 'Southern Gospel' tradition.)

GaitherNet (Bill and Gloria Gaither's Website)

Singing News (Online Magazine for Southern Gospel Music)

Gloria's Southern Gospel Links Index

The Birth of Contemporary Christian Music (a kind of 'timeline' for gospel music and 'Contemporary Christian' music)

The Roots of Gospel Music

Bluegrass Gospel

Gospel Music Association

Gospel Music Association

Christian Music Association

Christian Music Association


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