100 Hymn Tunes You Should Know

100 Hymn Tunes You Should Know is a reference tool for 100 of the most well-known historic hymn tunes. Search the database of 100 hymn tunes. Listen to the tunes and learn about related topics such as historical periods, the lives of hymn tune composers, and hymn 'mechanics': METER and hymn tune names. Generate and take quizzes by by preselected criteria, for example: (1) Tunes of the early church, (2) American hymn tunes, (3) Lutheran chorales, etc. This is the perfect tool to accompany any Hymn Appreciation OR Hymnology Class.

100 Hymn Tunes You Should Know.  This was really a great idea! But, it never came to fruition. At some point in the (hopefully) near future a dedicated area of this web site will be devoted to this material.  Please check back often!.

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