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Class Piano Lab Manufacturers: Yamaha

Yamaha has THREE different Class Piano Lab setups. See Yamaha Music Laboratory System :

- LC3 Music Lab (what you see below)
- MLC100

The LC3 Plus Music Lab:


The Yamaha LC3 Plus Music Lab is practically identical to to the Roland GLC-1. In fact, THEY ARE IDENTICAL because they both have been designed and manufactured by the same company: JL Cooper Electronics.

The Yamaha and Roland systems are of a new generation of Class Piano System in that they are MODULAR -- that is, you can add additional pianos to your lab by merely updating the Classroom Hub with an EXPANSION CARD. Older systems (including Korg's GECII and Kurzweil's KLC) are limited to 16 keyboards and if you want to expand to more than that you have to physically have TWO or MORE control units 'networked' together.

The MLC100 Teacher Station (only available from Yamaha directly):

The MLC100 is a teacher control unit with 16 individual student hookups and can be configured for individuals or groups.

Only available directly from Yamaha. See the MIE

MLA100 Interface Box
NB100B 10M Connection Cable
HPE100M Headphone with Microphone

The MLC100 can be configured for any combination of individual keyboards up to 16.

The MLC100 is used with the HPE100 with microphones and the MLA 100 student call boxes.  The system is intended to be used with Yamaha's Clavinova digital pianos.

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