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Class Piano Room Setups

A potential SERIOUS oversight on the part of an educator or administrator would be not taking into account the size of the room when considering the number of individual workstations in a class piano lab. Obviously there is a MAXIMUM number of workstations which can logistically fit into a room and still allow students and teacher to enter and exit the room AND meet standard OSHA fire codes.

For student workstations using standard 88-note keyboards, we recommend a workspace of 5' x 5' for each station. In addition, we recommend a MINIMUM of 4' walking space along one wall and 4' working space behind the teacher work station.

Here are some suggested room configurations for various size labs along with MINIMUM room sizes for each configuration. Using this as a guideline, educators should be able to calculate the number of workstations for their particular room situations:

8 student workstations and 1 teacher station
12 student workstations and 1 teacher station
16 student workstations and 1 teacher station
24 student workstations and 1 teacher station

Small Room Configurations using the Roland MP-760C keyboard (a small 'footprint' of only 10.5 sqft):

Small Room 1
Small Room 2

Lab Layout 1
Lab Layout 2
Lab Layout 3
Lab Layout 4

Lab Photo1
Lab Photo2

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