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Class Piano Lab Manufacturers: Roland

The GLC-1 Conferencing System is Roland's latest Class Piano Lab teacher controller.

The GLC-1 consists of a HUB with a basic 8-unit control panel (8 student workstations and 1 teacher station). Additional expansion kits can be added to the HUB for a total of 48 individual student workstation controls.

With the GLC-1, Roland has given welcomed flexibility to Class Piano Lab design and configuration. Consequently, it is now possible to configure a Lab in any combination of individual student workstions from 8 - 48.

With the GLC-1, individual keyboards are equipped with a small mixer -- student interface unit (SI Unit) -- into which are plugged the sound output of the keyboard along with the student's headphones. The SI Units are then connected to the GLC-1 via network cables which are plugged into the back of the GLC-1. Students controlled their individual volumes by adjusting the volume control on their keyboards. There are no volume controls on the SI Units.

The GLC-1 conferencing system is manufactured by JL Cooper Electronics and represents absolute state of the art for class piano configuration and control.

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