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Class Piano Lab Manufacturers: Roland

The MTLC-16 Music Tutor Lab Controller is no longer available and was replaced in 2005 by the RCS-848 Conferencing System

The MTLC-16 was released by Roland in 1999 and was an update of the popular TL-16, a standard for many class/group piano labs a decade ago. The MTLC-16 has recently (January 1, 2005) been replaced with a new model of Class Piano teacher controller -- the RCS-848 Lab Conferencing System and consequently:

THE MTLC-16 IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Visit Roland's site to view detailed specs for the NEW RCS-848 Conferencing System which replaced the MTLC-16.

On the MTLC-16, individual keyboards were equipped with a small mixer -- student interface unit (SI Unit) -- into which were plugged the sound output of the keyboard along with the student's headphones. The SI Units were then connected to the MTLC-16 via network cables which were plugged into the back of the MTLC-16. Students controlled their individual volumes by adjusting the volume control on their keyboards. There were no volume controls on the SI Unit.

The MTLC-16 was equipped to control 16 individual keyboards and could be connected (networked) to another MTLC-16 for a total of 32 individual stations. .

There was a USB computer connection which allowed the unit to be connected to a IBM-PC computer (no Mac version was ever available). Software was available to facilitate a a computer-based "drag-and-drop" interface for classroom management, and Roland's V-MT software for a variety of music classrooms. Customized teacher/class lists could be created along with grading and attendance records. The software package was sold separately.

In addition to the computer interface the MTLC-16 had a monitor output which could be connected to either a regular computer monitor monitor or an LCD projector.

The MTLC-16 has recently (January 1, 2005) been replaced with a new model of Class Piano teacher controller -- the RSC-848 Lab Conferencing System. Visit Roland's site to view detailed specs for the RCS-848

* Note: Roland established a new sales policy with the introduction of the MTLC-16 class piano lab teacher controller. They only sold it COMPLETE -- that is, it came complete with "16 EVERYTHINGS" (16 student controller boxes, 16 sets of headphones, 16 audio cables, etc.). You could not get it in any other configuration. So, if you wanted, say... 8 student stations -- too bad, you had to buy the whole thing. And it was not cheap. The complete unit plus installation (if you already have digital pianos) cost in excess of $4500.00. It is assumed that replacement parts were available.

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