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Class Piano Lab Manufacturers: Kurzweil

To the best of our knowledge the KCL system is at least 10 years old and would be of such old and out-of-date-technology that we hesitate to recommend it.

Nevertheless, here is a description of the Kurzweil KCL system:

The heart of Kurzweil's class piano lab is the KCL Teacher Controller. The KCL handles up to 16 student workstations.

A standard ethernet cable connects the individual headphone boxes to the KCL Teacher Controller.

This elegant design greatly simplifies installation and maintenance of the Lab because the ethernet cables can be cut to any length and can also be EASILY REPLACED should any become damaged.

The individual student pianos are equipped with small headphone boxes called SI Units (Student Interface):

The SI Units (student headphone boxes) are attached directly to the student piano, usually underneath the keyboard. A stereo patch cable is connected from the piano to the back of the unit. A stereo headset with microphone is then plugged into the SI Unit.
Actual size of a student headphone box (SI Unit) is: 2.5" x 1.25"

The KCL is equipped to control 16 individual keyboards and can be connected (networked) to another KCL for a total of 32 individual stations. The KCL is extremely flexible, allowing the teacher to communicate, using keyboard or microphone, to one student, several students, or the entire group.

The KCL Lab can be configured for groups of students to work together (for example, duets or ensembles). Individual groups include 8 pair of students or 4 groups of 4 students. The instructor can enable or disable two-way keyboard or voice communication between students. The KCL control unit has no MIDI implementation which means that the Teacher Control Unit does not send or receive MIDI directly.

Stereo headsets with microphones are available for $79.00 each. Sorry, no picture available.

The only physical connection between the student piano and the Kurzweil system is the individual student headphone box and this connection is strictly an AUDIO connection. Consequently, the Kurzweil Class Piano Lab equipment is designed to function with any manufacturer's keyboards. Kurzweil Music Systems does have several models of digital pianos in various price ranges and with a range of features which are especially suited for a Class Piano Lab. However, because of the recent acquisition by Hyundai, we have not been able to review and test any Kurzweil keyboards and consequently cannot recommend any at this time. BUT, no doubt this will change shortly -- so stay tuned for the next exciting episode in the KURZWEIL SAGA!!

[February 14, 2008.  We have it on good authority that Kurzweil is designing a Class Piano Lab keyboard which will HAVE THE STUDENT HEADPHONE BOXES BUILT IN!!! We'll keep you posted.]

The Kurzweil company has had many adventures over the past 30 years. Originally founded by Ray Kurzweil in the 1970's, Kurzweil was purchased by A & G Music Corp. in the late 1980's. In 2004, Kurzweil was acquired by Young Chang. However, in 2004 A & G acquired the company back and was in the process of a complete reorganization until 2007 when Hyundai purchased the company. In addition, Hyundai has reconnected with its original founder, Ray Kurzweil with hopes of a complete overhaul of products, company image, and most important -- development of new and innovative products.

The long-and-short of all this messy acquisition stuff is that Kurzweil class piano lab products have literally been unavailable for about 3 years. NOW THEY ARE BACK!! .. and according to Kurzweil USA's main spokesperson, the Class Piano Lab equipment is at long last, once again AVAILABLE. (August, 2008)

May 1, 2013. Until recently, we were assuming that the Kurzweil KCL class piano system was no longer availalbe. The Kurzweil website had no information about it and stated that "The [KCL] does not yet have any Knowledge Base entries created for it." See Kurzweil. However, just recently a KCL link has appeared on Kurzweil's home page under "Home Digital Pianos: KCL

Kurzweil's KCL Class Piano Lab system was never manufactured in Korea but was designed and manufactured in California by JL Cooper Electronics, one of the most stable and respected electronics designer/manufacturers in the business. In addition to Kurzweil, JL Cooper has also designed and manufactured other Class Piano Lab systems for Kawai, Roland, and Yamaha.

Learn more about the founder of the company: Ray Kurzweil

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