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Class Piano Lab Estimate Form

Perhaps you have already checked out our Class Piano Lab PRODUCTS and you would like to quickly estimate the cost of a Class Piano Lab based on your specific needs and BUDGET. Please use the form below to work out a quick estimate. When you submit the form you will see an estimate based on the information you enter. No personal information is collected and NO COOKIES or any thing like that is saved on your computer. So, you can use this form as often as you want.

If you would like for us to contact you then please see this page: Information Form

If you are in a hurry and need an official BID PROPOSAL for your supervisor or School Board NOW, then:

1. Experiment with the various configurations BELOW so you will become familiar with the available equipment according to what your BUDGET will allow.

2. Fill out the Info Form and be sure to indicate that you would like for us to SUBMIT A BID (highlighted field on the form).

3. When we receive your Info Form we will email you a BID within about 48 hours.

4. The prices in this FORM are just for estimates and are not the actual pricies that may be quoted in an official bid. Factors which affect actual prices in bids include: shipping rates, what models are currently available, and how far from Nashville, TN you are located. But with these considerations in mind, this form may be handy for you to get at least a ball-park idea of what a complete class piano lab installation may cost.

  Please choose something in EVERY field:
How many pianos do you need including the teacher piano?
Select which piano you want?
Select which Conferencing System you want?
Do you want us to come to your school and set up the equipment for you?
[Is this really an option for us?]

P.O. Box 140446 Nashville, TN 37214
Site last updated: May 1, 2013